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Christina Boggess, Utah Senate 16


As an elected official, Christina has offered clear and consistent communication about upcoming events and transparency issues through social media — furthermore, she articulates issues through frequent emails to constituents.  She has hosted and attended multiple town halls and attends events throughout the greater Salt Lake valley for the purposes of accountability, transparency and understanding. 

Christina is known for her bold truths.  She doesn’t attempt to spin or tell you what you want to hear.  She doesn’t use hyperbole or manipulated data to make you feel good.  Christina tells the truth!

Constituents hear from Christina during the service season, not just the election season. 


Over the past decade,  the Utah State legislature has repeatedly voted to cede control of the Utah education system and many other aspects of government to unconstitutional authority and refused to be compliant with Utah Law.

Some people wonder how politicians become corrupt; it is simple–they choose self-interest over service and stray from constitutional principles.  In doing so, they trade freedom for convenience, money or purported “safety.”   

When a student of history observes mirrors of the past, it is time to gain an eagle-eye perspective and boldly oppose and work to repeal policies, projects and “pilots” that mirror Mao’s China, the Bolshevik revolution, the redlining in America’s past and Nazi Germany, among others. 

Christina’s goal is to work with others to rein in the Constitutional concessions championed by her opponent and others while building within the design set forth in Utah’s Constitution and constitutional legislative infrastructure.   In addition, she will shed light on nefarious policies mirroring the heinous actions of past generations to keep Utah and America free from communistic endeavors. 

Regardless, it can be expected that Christina would not vote for any piece of legislation that cedes constitutional authority or elected accountability. 

As an example of concessions: The Federal Reserve is NOT a part of the U.S. Governement. It is a private organization utilized by the government to fulfill a role; however it is autonomous in its operations and therefore, has no accountability.  More than a few parts of Utah’s government are run by what are referred to as Public-Private Partnerships (PPP/3Ps).

Another example are the Special Districts approved by our legislature.  Many “special districts” are autonomous FOR PROFIT entities. These districts function without elected accountability and have the power to tax without restraint.  The current District 16 Senator voted FOR these Constitutional concessions. 

This article was written a while ago, but offers more information about the nefarious nature and lack of accountably that come with special districts. 


A wise woman once said, “Without privacy, there is no freedom.”  

Christina has boldly and consistently advocated against and opposed frivolous data-sharing agreements that violate the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Our state should clearly and consistently be OPT-IN with informed consent.

One such example was the movement of HB455, which would have prohibited the MANDATORY disclosure of information to a third party.  This bill passed out of committee unanimously, but didn’t see a vote on the house floor.  The same information, if under investigation by Law Enforcement, would have required a warrant; however subsidiary government agencies are requiring disclosure as a condition of employment.   

What some Utahns find shocking is that the Utah Legislature regularly votes away the privacy of her people and their children. There are many examples to share. Have conversations with Christina about data. 


Often one hears the words “evidence-based,” which isn’t what you think it is.   In fact, in 53G-8-211, the definition includes language asserting that “evidence-based” can be determined by an agency’s bureaucrats or a vote.   Any sound researcher or scientist knows this is absurd on its face.  Truth is not determined by consensus.  

As your next Senator, Christina will work to codify language that plainly defines “evidence-based” in a sound and scientific manner and ensure that solutions and government actions are anchored in the same. 


Parents are the PRIMARY stakeholder in the education of their children. It is unfortunate to see families being sidelined in the educational processes and conversations.  Utah can take the lead by securing parental rights, reducing the influence of outside interests, returning to healthier ways of children learning, and upholding bright-line boundaries between state and home to show the world that Utah puts its FAMILIES FIRST.

The most local form of local control is the family and it is time we get back to that. 

When it comes to K-12 public schools, Utah must…

  • Prioritize foundational academics first.
    • Utah’s spending on public education is at an all-time high of over eight billion, and yet our students’ proficiency scores keep declining.
    • Our leaders need to stop throwing money and resources at widely promoted but deeply flawed approaches.
    • With a strong focus on time-tested, traditional methods & content to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science, our children will be prepared to think and act wisely based on objective & self-evident truths.
  • Protect and honor conscience & religious belief in schools.
    • Our schools are one of the many battlegrounds for society’s culture wars, and our children are on the front lines.  Politics have no place in schools. 
    • By honoring and keeping laws like 53G-10-205 and 206 unadulterated, we send a clear message that schools must respect students’ and parents’ rights not to participate in any aspect of school that would violate their conscience or religious belief. 
    • We must also move to secure the rights of our families and children to educational autonomy on the homefront. 
  • Restore schools to their limited and proper role.
    • Less is more! Schools must be streamlined and focused on scholastic achievement and merit. Budget reforms will ensure that schools don’t drain taxpayers or encroach on family time, responsibilities, and privacy.
  • Respect the family’s unique & comprehensive role.
    • The role of parents is inviolable and nontransferable. Systems that understand and respect these roles are positioned to make policy that benefits teachers, students, parents, and society. Systems that fail to respect these roles are bound to a string of failed policies.
  • Reject partnerships, programs, policies & practices that exploit children and remove the graphic depiction of sex acts from K-12 instruction and institutions. 

One of the most dangerous types of legislation is franchise legislation” (often called “model legislation”).  These are word semantics for two sides of the same coin.   

Regardless, when organizations like the NCSL, UNESCO and the UN want to move bad policy through America, ensuring compliance with global agendas and forcing the concession of local control, they do so through franchise or  model legislation. 

One such example was SB 30 in 2023, Road Usage Amendments, which, in its original form, penalized fuel cars and made it possible to divert tax dollars to FOR PROFIT 3P/Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) without legislative authorization.. 

Additional problematic legislation sponsored by the incumbent includes:

  • warrantless surveillance,
  • road taxes by mileage, 
  • social credit scores, 
  • etc. 

Our current Senator has voted for and sponsored TOO MANY franchise bills with language from the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO.  This is deeply concerning if Utah wants to maintain her independence and sovereignty. 

Our public servants should be the PROTECTORS of society, NOT the builders and managers of it. 

As your representative, Christina will prioritize

  • individual liberties over increasing state control
  • local board control over upper-level usurpation
  • individual rights over corporate rights.

As an elected official, Christina is often quoted as saying, “I do not represent this body to the people, I represent the people to this body.”  Christina is also clear that while her work results in interfacing with many parties, she does NOT represent them.  

Our legislative body is too caught up in representing:

  • corporate interests (stakeholders)
  • colleagues (not constituents)
  • lobbyists
  • many others.
Of Christina’s many focuses in the Senate, the top one will be SECURING THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.

Public office is too easily abused for personal gain or special interest agendas  — the allegiance to which can be noticed on one’s financial disclosures.  

Public money is the property of the people and should only be used for the benefit of the general citizenry, not specific market sectors or special interests.

The same applies to educational infrastructure.  

Chrisitna’s allegiance is to the inalienable rights of the people of Utah and to no other outside interest or entity.


Since 2020, many homeowners have experienced property tax bill increases of 40% or more. 

Contrary to her opponent’s actions, Christina will support and champion legislation limiting yearly property tax increases.  Limits such as this will allow families to plan better financially and stay in their homes for the long haul.  Utah is long past due for its own “Homestead Act.

Your home value has soared, so have your property taxes, and then your local school district levies a substantial increase in every one of the past few years.  A candidate who tells the truth would acknowledge this reality. 

The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee derailed the bill that would have put a check on your local school district’s massive tax increases.  Christina’s opponent serves on that committee.

Finally, The PAIN of your pocketbook is REAL. Utahns bear the 11th-highest tax burden in the nation. Don’t allow establishment politicians to gaslight you. The mobilization of your tax burden with a substantial increase is NOT relief.  (There is more on this issue in “fiscal conservatism”  and “small government”).

Have you ever witnessed public comment at a public meeting?  Often it is flooded with representatives of those who stand to gain financially from the passage of certain policies. On the vast majority of occasions, our legislators hear from more corporations than the public.  This occurs for manifold reasons:

  • lack of transparency,
  • lack of PURPOSEFUL public notice.

Public comment should be reserved for the public, not associations, organizations, lobbyists or corporations.

Furthermore, the public needs to be informed about who is behind so much of what is moved forward in the legislature.  Utah’s citizens should demand disclosure of the money funneled through “passthrough” PACs and how that money is linked to legislative maneuvers.  

Transparency should be paramount, conflicts of interest should be disclosed at every turn, and the public should demand that all legislators avoid even the appearance of impropriety. 

  • Is it a conflict of interest to work for an entity that would gain financially or save millions by ceding local control and responsibility to the state? 
  • Should an individual be a party to government control or vote on issues that affect their personal employer?  
  • Should a legislator be allowed to sponsor bills from which his/her employer benefits?

Often, Utahns hear legislators boast of “growth” and a “strong economy.”  The people should be discerning and suspicious of such claims.  The current legislature votes to INCREASE government.  

  • The budget has more than DOUBLED in the past ten years.  
  • Government “workers” have increased by more than 12000.
  • Quasi-government employment increases through 3P (public-private partnership) contracts are in six figures.

Engage with caution.  The growth of government is the centralization of power and neutralizes the free market systems.   

The incumbent in this race voted to grow government more than 200 times in the last two legislative cycles.


The legislative assault on the pocketbook of Utah’s people has been overwhelming to watch, specifically the effect on our families with fixed incomes.  We cannot continue to wait on the broken promises of the incumbent.  Christina will support and champion the cause to remove the tax on social security, and the voters of District 16 won’t have to wait 28 years for results.


Faithful watchers of policy-making processes know how often bad policy is passed based on emotional pleas from a few individuals.  

We shouldn’t legislate to the anomaly among us; we should legislate to the cross-section while providing for the anomaly. 

Often, emotional reactions are quick and uninformed–Christina approaches policymaking through a calm, analytical lens and will adhere to constitutional principles in policymaking.


The State of Utah’s budget has more than doubled in the past ten years; however, our population increase is far, far less, trending at or about 1.07% or .0107.   When a state doesn’t have two times the tax-paying citizens to take on the burden, someone has to pay the burgeoning and bludgeoning bill.   While one may be able to state that the income tax has decreased, it shocks informed citizens when it is done with a straight face.   Utahns bear the 11th-highest tax burden in the nation.   The math is simple 2x the budget = 2x the tax burden.
  • Utahns are paying FAR more in taxes than last year, and compared to ten years ago, it is approachingdouble.  The culmination of taxes levied upon Utahns is MASSIVEWhen one considers the inflationary factors, any assertion of a “tax break” becomes laughable. 
  • The hyperbole about the “largest tax cut in history” in 2023 can make any informed citizen cringe.  Did you know the 2023 income tax cut amounted to a $129 dollar annual benefit to a middle-class Utahn.
In 2015, the pocketbooks of Utahns were hit with an increase in the gas tax. Christina’s opponent voted FOR this increase.  
The ultimate “reallocation of your tax burden” bill was released in 2019?  This bill more than doubled (177%) the State portion of the sales tax on food, raised the gas tax and assigned taxes to everyday services such as haircuts, towing, family photos, and so much more.  The incumbent Senator voted for this tax increase and redistribution effort.
This bill caused a financial hit to education funding, resulting in a responsive raise in the property tax.  It was clear our representatives were not listening to the people as a “referendum” initiative of Utahns forced the Legislature to overturn this in the following legislative session.   
Christina is a TRUE FISCAL CONSERVATIVE, offering a FRESH LOOK in the Utah Senate!

Vendor legislation is legislation that either NAMES a vendor within or is so specific and narrow in scope that an authentic RFP process cannot be entertained to do right by the people. 

Once such example was SB 30 in 2023.  This bill was called the Road Usage Amendments which, in its original form, penalized fuel cars. In addition, it made the The Road Usage Charge Program Special Revenue Fund “expendable” — meaning the legislature no longer must appropriate funds to UDOT — an autonomous FOR PROFIT 3P.  The bill created avenues for this 3P to access government funds without formal authorization. 


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Christina Boggess is, first and foremost, a mother.  She has served for over 23 years in various educational, professional and civic roles  — including serving District 8 on the Utah State Board of Education (elected 2022).  

The leadership she brought forth during her secondary terms in education earned multiple first-place state-level awards, additional personal accolades and requests to adjudicate state-level competitions.  Christina has served in public education on PBIS and MTSS teams and as a teacher development trainer in English Language Arts, Music, and Arts Integration into the regular classroom.

Additionally, her resume boasts over 1000 hours of Microsoft training, 20 additional credentials (across multiple states) applicable to education and ed administration, and executive-level leadership. 

In the interest of service, Christina participates in civic volunteer opportunities within the Taylorsville Community, her faith community and far beyond. She has presented on many stages, from health freedom and education to civic engagement. Finally, Christina has advocated for transparent, constitutional government over many years. Within the Republican Party, she serves on the SLCoGOP Central Committee, the Utah GOP State Central Committee and was elected to the Constitution and By-laws Committee by her peers.

‪(801) 871-5817‬



If you would like Christina to speak with your group or at a cottage meeting, please use the form below.