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Gaslighting is Political Foolishness

I was very disappointed in Governor Spencer Cox’s speech at the convention and his follow-up description of that event.  I did not “boo” him, but I completely understand the hundreds of delegates who did.  He was then, and continues to be, the classical definition of a “gaslight” politician. 

The term gaslight comes from the 1944 movie Gaslight, in which a husband tries to convince his wife that she is crazy and that the things she sees and hears with her own eyes and ears are not real. In as much as a lie is a deliberate attempt to deceive another person and manipulate them, gaslighting is a particularly nasty form of deception, and Governor Cox’s labeling his political opponents as “haters” and himself as a person who doesn’t “hate enough” to be accepted by the delegates was political foolishness.  This is the behavior of abusers.

Adults don’t appreciate being gaslit by politicians.  This is especially true when most delegates spend dozens of hours reading material, listening to talks, and asking questions in person.  Utah has also observed actions (and inactions) in the Governor’s office.  The delegates decided, individually and not through the manipulation of others, that the incumbent governor’s behavior is unacceptable.  To claim that two out of every three delegates chosen by their neighbors is a far rightwing extremist is to sound like President Biden or Speaker Pelosi, whose repeated defense of their lousy policy decisions is to gaslight the American PeopleThis is the behavior of abusers.

It is not “misinformation” that shaped the conclusion of delegates, but what has been seen and heard firsthand.

Utah is being gaslit. 

Delegates are adults who have extensively studied the issues, observed behavior and searched for solutions to the disconcerting actions of the government agencies that are supposed to protect and serve our loved ones and us.  Very few delegates hate anyone!  However, many of us are very angry that we are being lied to by politicians whose actions do not match their previous promises.  So, as free people, Utah has chosen to replace those we have learned not to trust with others we do trust

It should be noted that the incumbents’ gaslighting and lack of trust are the reasons every current Utah State Board of Education member lost to their challengers

I have great confidence in our fellow Republicans and their ability to open their eyes and ears to the reality of our situation and confirm the delegates’ decisions in the Primary Election.


Christina Boggess,
District 8 Representative, Utah State Board of Education
Candidate, Utah Senate 16