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Say NO to a Monarchy!

Utahns!  The head smack comes when a constitutionalist reads an article such as this

 I suppose the average Joe or Jane may think, “Oh, no!  We have an alleged bad egg…? Sure, sounds great—let’s centralize power some more.  If we get a malicious governor, he or she can appoint a nefarious Attorney General.  That would be a “two-fer!”  Maybe more…  A veritable King’s court of disreputable fellows — who we cannot vote outYes, this is what must be done!”   

My experience has proven: most Utahns are not average thinkers in this arena.

Even those who oppose constitutional principles should oppose the idea of one elected official appointing any official, let alone another high-level official.  In fact, it is one of the most offensive things to say to a voter: “You are too stupid to choose your elected officials, so we will let someone else appoint them for you.”  The messaging of Senator McKell to his constituents is decent – sleuth-like, in fact; you almost don’t catch that it is insulting the intellect of voting-age Utahns.

America was built on a system of checks and balances.  The office of the Attorney General is a check on the Governor, and it should remain that way, even IF the voters get conned – which seems to be something politicians do for political sport in this state.  Duping voters into thinking candidates are conservative, or “Republican,” has created a blue state with a red label, and while we tout our red super majority, we come away with hundreds of franchise policies out of Colorado, California, and other states every year.  Education is the big hitter when it comes to blue policies passing out of our red super majority, but there is more.  The anti-free speech, digital IDs, ethnic studies, “school choice” (another ‘centralization of power’ play), and a barrage of others were sponsored by politicians who duped the voters into thinking they were conservative with an ‘R’ behind their name.

I would argue that we don’t have voters who are devoid of natural intellect or common sense; we have a voter populous who is ill-informed and an elite establishment who spends millions to keep them that way.   It is the job of the people to avoid the propaganda and fully vet their candidates for the position of Attorney General and every other slot on the ballot.  This is how we return to Utah values.  We don’t need to “disagree better,” we need to resolve that if we disagree with God, we are wrong, and we need to return to the ideals and policy positions that made this a great nation with opportunity for all, not just a place of opportunity for those who have the Governor’s stamp of approval.  

An informed Utah would never give up the right to vote for their representatives.  A smart Utah would champion the decentralization of power, reject all NGOs and 3Ps and keep all accountability to those elected by the citizens.

These are uncertain times.   All one has to do is turn on the news and see a new “reported” crisis daily.  These are the times that require the checks and balances the Founding Fathers knew we would need.  In a time when we see the advancing of an agenda bent on the destruction of America and all free nations, accountability is greatly needed.  If we have a politician problem, it is a people problem – a problem of uninformed and uninvolved people not holding representatives accountable.   It cannot be remedied by creating an elected monarchy; it can only be remedied by a duly informed and engaged voting populous. 

We need a government of the people, by the people and for the people; which will never come by appointing people.

In the fight for Truth and Liberty,

Christina Boggess,
District 8 Representative, Utah State Board of Education
Candidate, Utah Senate 16