To the best of my knowledge, any purported investigation into member Cline’s alleged actions has neither commenced nor concluded. I have received no official Board Communications confirming the former or the latter. At this time, I have not been invited to a formal board discussion regarding the rumored condemnation of member Cline’s alleged actions or statements, nor do I have knowledge or evidence that one has taken place. Furthermore, I have no knowledge that a vote regarding these allegations has occurred or been scheduled. To seek clarification or confirmation of these issues, please feel free to contact,, or

Considering the above, any USBE statement regarding these issues is premature at best, possibly misleading, potentially false, and without a formal vote, carries only the voice of select USBE staff and/or the three members of Board Leadership.  It does not carry the weight of an “official USBE position.”  

Furthermore, I believe it is a waste of USBE resources to comment or make statements on anyone’s social media posts, as it is not the proper role of government, reeks of authoritarianism and appears as if the USBE is trying to create a “Ministry of Truth,”–assigning themselves as the arbiters of all things truthfully stated about education in Utah, and asserting that any allegation against the approved narrative, is simply false.  This is un-American.

Any thoughts I have on a purported investigation will only be released at such time that a formal and official inquiry has concluded, all issues are evaluated through the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and any alleged statements or actions have been subjected to scrutiny based on available evidence.

Finally, it is an unfortunate reality that there is pornography, as defined in section 76–10–1227, still present in Utah schools. It is time the USBE rejects cowardice and actively engages in bold movement to bring a swift end to the sexualization of our children through the drafting of poignant, impactful policy that is firm, uncompromising, effective and holds rogue educators and systems accountable.

I will continue to stand boldly with those who stand against such things and have no doubt that by addressing these concerns, we can collectively uphold the principles of an academically focused education system and secure the rights of Utah’s children to a porn-free education. Our children deserve an environment that nurtures their healthy growth and intellectual development, shielding them from exposure to explicit or ideologically biased material.

Christina Boggess
Utah State Board of Education, District 8